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Yogini Pooja

Poojaji belongs from Rishikesh, India. She has been pursuing her Bsc final year in Yoga Science and Holistic Health from SRHU ( Swami Ram Himalayan University). She is Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT) of 500-hours. She is not only an incredible Yoga student but also a good teacher. She is holding 6 years of Ashram living experience of Himalayan Yoga and meditation Tradition. She is very conscious of her work and has space for yoga that is strong, truthful and focused. Being an excellent teacher she knows well how to effectively deliver things to the students .She is educated and grounded with knowledge, what gives her real power is that she walks the path of Yoga as a divine journey and a way to create better in the world. She believes in being spiritual rather than being religious. According to her โ€œspirituality has nothing to do with any religion its just all about law of action and believe over that Supreme consciousness and universal truth . The truth that existed before anything, that is existing and that which will exist where other will get demolish.โ€ Here perception over life says โ€ life is all about action and reflection but when they both get balanced freedom , true knowledge and benightment is achieved and Yoga is only the path that will lead you to this bliss.

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